The most beautiful ORSAY photo shooting - 2020 autumn campaign “Stylish Autumn

Feminine, natural beauty – is there anything more stylish? ORSAY is well-aware of that, and therefore it decided to showcase the essence of this philosophy in the 2020 autumn campaign called Stylish Autumn. The newest collection abounds with style, and it amazes everyone with its variety and sense of freedom. You may be sure that this autumn will be full to the brim with fashion trends. Our Golden Days line introduces the collection. It welcomes us with the retro-city style for sunny September days. Prints in every yellow shade imaginable, the timeless denim and knitted elements meet with sateen and leather fabrics. When combined, they produce a fresh effect in a neo utility style. The collection aims to do away with autumnal boredom and to make you shine every single day. We designed the Independent Woman line in a similar vein. Our source of inspiration was the New York design and trends coming straight from the fashion weeks’ catwalks. The form was reduced to a minimum to balance rich textures. In other words, our collection presents a play between smooth leather and thick wool pieces. Together, they create simple sets with an elegant hint. We dedicate our ready-to-wear clothing to those among us who always find time for fashion and style no matter how tight the schedule. For those who set the bar even higher and want to look absolutely perfect all day long, we have prepared the Upper Chic line. Classic clothing with a French touch lie at the heart of it. In Upper Chic line, you will find the tried and trusted design patterns like hounds-tooth check as well as subdued, elegant colours and soft fabrics. That is the essence of casual style that will make you look good on every single occasion. And when a big event is coming, our party outfits will come into play. Even when autumn is in its full swing, femininity will remain in spring blossom. Black and white chiffon covered in fancy, colourful flowers, mysterious see-through fabrics and glistening accessories – that combination sounds like a... Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream! Or like a romantic evening full of magic. Women are creatures of thousand shades! And this is why ORSAY included boho trends to its autumn collection. Wild Prairie line is all about pure white covered with a warm beige. Furry pieces conceal delicate dresses underneath, whereas cowboy shoes crown this original outfit. With the autumn campaign and its fashion collection, ORSAY proves how close it is to the female nature. All women are beautiful, and we will strive to bring the best out of every one of them.

Text about collection in CZ, SK, HU, RO to download here (DOCX or PDF):