Spring trends are waking up in the ORSAY collection! A mix of textures has dominated the first edition of ORSAY Spring 2020 collection with light chiffon, soft suede, sheen sateen and more. Feminine dress styles loved by all women will charm everyone with their simplicity and timelessness. Fans of the classical look will definitely fall in love with our trench coats too. They come in the unrivalled colours of beige, navy blue and in border tartan. The 
"Nautical Attitude" line will conjure up summer memories thanks to trends inspired by the French Riviera. After all, the first warm days of this year are a perfect reason for setting off on a weekend getaway to the seaside. There is no doubt that the mix of maritime colours will bring a fresh sea breeze into your spring wardrobe. A new season means giving the old good trends a new chance to shine again. The "Modern 70's" collection celebrates what many fashionistas have been hankering after. Paisley print, natural suede and boho dresses will enrich your outfit with their romantic elegance kept in the vintage style. Valentine spring fever guaranteed with the alluring "Be My Valentine" collection full of floral prints. What about the casual daily basis? The answer is jeans - the indispensable element of every spring outfit. As always, you'll find classy jeans practically everywhere. Like they say... there's every kind under the jeans sun! A sky-blue blouse with turtle neckline, a vivid navy blue jumpsuit or a white denim jacket with trousers - let's face it, it is jeans that give you the most freedom! Match jeans up with a suede jacket and trendy cowboy ankle boots and let the 2020 fashion adventure begin! 

The spring collection photo shooting took place at the Mediterranean Sea in the sunny city of Marseille.